What is Online-Properties.com
Online-Properties.com is a Web design and listing service that specializes in WebSites for Realtors. Online-Properties.com uses a simple Internet form-based system, which allows YOU to manage your listings online 24 hours a day without any special software or training! The listing database can then be seamlessly integrated into your own Web site to provide your visitors with dynamic information about properties you have for sale. With this service you will no longer have to wait for your Web developer to make adjustments such as price drops or description changes.

Other features include:

  • Searchable Home Listings - A searchable database of the homes you have for sale. Listings can include comprehensive descriptions, color photos, panoramic and 3D tours, community details, open houses and contact information.
  • Sold Home Portfolio - A showcase of homes you have sold in the past.
  • Open House Listings - Allows you to enter open houses into a searchable database. A special icon appears next to listings with open houses. Open houses can also be integrated separately into your WebSite.
  • Agent Directory Database - Integrate a dynamic agent directory into your WebSite complete with bios, affiliations, photos, contact information and more.
  • Printable Flyer Generator - Allows interested visitors to create flyers for a listing that contain all of the full-size photos in a printable format.
  • REALTORŪ Personal Page - Your online business card with a color photo.
  • Optional Mortgage Calculator.
  • Email Contact Form - Allows interested buyers an easy, hassle-free way to contact you about a property.
  • Email a Friend About This Listing - A form that lets visitors e-mail information about a property to someone they know. The form includes a personal message, the listing photo and your contact information.

Begin Using Online-Properties.com
Contact us at sales@online-properties.com to find out how you can begin using Online-Properties.com to help your business. For more information, see examples below or send questions to info@online-properties.com.

Existing Web Sites with Online-Properties.com Integration
A growing number of Web sites are integrating the services of Online-Properties.com with their own services. Below are a few examples of sites using Online-Properties.com to assist visitors in finding a home. To view examples of the listing database in action, select the "homes for sale," "current listings" or "about our agents" from the Web site you have selected.

Existing Agent Web Sites
Select any of the following links to view Web sites with Online-Properties.com database integration. To view examples of the listing database in action, select the "homes for sale," "current listings" or "about our agents" from the Web site you have selected.

For more information contact us at info@online-properties.com.

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